About Us


In order to better serve our partners and customers, we at JASSPER have decided to focus on the shipping sector. Our goal has always been to be known as the business that keeps its word and performs as promised. Always looking ahead, we consider where we might add new services and products to complement the fantastic services we now provide.

By doing this, JASSPER can keep an eye on the direction the market is taking and how we can continue to offer our clients and shareholders value that is above and beyond. All of this helps us get one step closer to becoming known as the top shipping company in our industry.

Our Greatest Asset

What do you consider to be our best asset? The answer is straightforward: JASSPER's distinctive, extraordinarily talented, and devoted people are what make us who we are. Meeting the demands of our partners, clients, and shareholders while working in a highly stressful and occasionally challenging environment requires extraordinary levels of composure and teamwork. At JASSPER, we are aware that cooperation and respect for one another's contributions are the only ways to move forward.

What does JASSPER success mean?

For JASSPER, fulfilment of our commitments to our clients, partners, and shareholders is success. We can accomplish this by fusing this commitment with our risk assessment techniques and prudent financial planning regardless of what occurs in the market. We anticipate JASSPER's sustained success and our ability to provide partners, clients, and workers with long-term advantages as we always Move Forward Together.


To be Asia’s No. 1 Total Logistics Service provider by 2025


To offer a diverse and forward-thinking workplace where initiative is valued, success is recognised, and future leaders are developed for our employees.

To make our customers successful by giving them a dependable, affordable, and smooth logistics service supported by cutting-edge technology and operational excellence.

For Partners

To increase their capacity using cutting-edge procedures and technology and consistently support their company's expansion.

For Shareholders

To maximise shareholder value generation while seeking possibilities for sustainable growth, upholding the greatest standards of corporate governance, and making constructive contributions to a cleaner environment.

Our Values


We will conduct ourselves in a fair, honest, transparent, and ethical manner; whatever we do must withstand public examination.


We will incorporate social and environmental values into our operations to make sure that a large portion of what is generated by people ultimately benefits those same people.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and are always advocates of meritocracy.


We'll be fearless and quick, willing to face issues head-on and provide novel solutions based on in-depth knowledge of our customers.


As we develop caring and cooperative partnerships based on mutual respect and trust, we will make investments in our partners and employees. We also enable continual development.